Cleaner And Stain remover INO eko 15


Cleaner and stain remover

INO eko 15 cleaner and stain remover will clean, brighten and deodorize all washable hard surfaces and carpets. Its hydrogen peroxide cleaning power works on all washable surfaces leaving a streak free shine. Use as a general cleaner-degreaser, bathroom and kitchen cleaner, carpet cleaner and stain remover. It is excellent for use on floors, walls, counters, carpets, glass, windows, mirrors, stainless steel, chrome,ceramic tiles, plastics, vinyl, porcelain, garbage areas, sinks and toilets.Spray Bottle: Apply cleaner onto soiled surfaces and wipe away. Carpet Stains: Apply undiluted, blot with a clean cloth, rinse with water. For ”Hard to Remove” Stains: Allow for longer contact time. For carpet extraction, bonnet cleaning, auto-scrubbers and mop buckets use 1:32
Ecologo certified and CFIA approved.