INO Eko 1 Resilient Floor Finish

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This floor finish offers performances of an exceptional level and is ecological. It provides a very durable and instant brilliant gloss. This floor finish can be used for all floor maintenance programs, from low to ultra high speed. When used according to directions, it can be applied on vinyl, asbestos, linoleum, asphalt, rubber, marble and terrazzo floors.

With its ecological certification, this floor finish is the logical choice for health and safety and is preferable for our environment. This product is ideal for use in food plants, institutions and all other industrial applications. Contains no zinc, metal compounds or carcinogenic plasticizers or heavy complex metals. Biodegradable as per OECD test. EcoLogo™ Certified. Meets all LEED standards; CFIA approved. No added fragrance.

INOEK14 – 4 L 4/cs