INO Gloss 12 Neutral Floor Cleaner

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This is a product for nearly all cleaning needs. This neutral floor cleaner has an advanced formula that equals the performance of a general purpose cleaner without alkalinity or solvents. Neutral, it won’t dull the shine of the floor finish. Designed for use on most floor types and other washable surfaces such as ceramic, chrome and porcelain. It removes most types of particulates and oily soils.

Requires no rinsing on non-food contact surfaces and can be used in buckets, spray bottles and autoscrubbers. Formulated with biodegradable surfactants as per the OECD 301D standard. Environmentally-friendly based on its reduced human and aquatic toxicity.

Phosphate-free, low foam, floral fragrance. Dilution: Heavy work 1:32, moderate work 1:64.

INOGL124 – 4 L 4/cs

INOGL1220*GL-12* – 20 L ea